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Testicular Cancer NZ launches the Fondle Filter via Clemenger BBDO Wellington

Scan the Snapcode (above) to play with the Fondle Filter or donate at https://fundraise.prostate.org.nz/fundraisers/fondlefilter/fondle-filter

To raise awareness for global Testicular Cancer Month, Testicular Cancer NZ and Clemenger have created the Fondle Filter. Using Snapchat’s AR tech, the Fondle Filter turns any ball or round object into testicles to prompt and teach how to feel for lumps.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer amongst young men aged 18-39. Each year in NZ, 175 men are diagnosed with the disease and 8 will die from it. Globally, over 9,000 die.

Medical advisor to Testicular Cancer NZ, Consultant Urologist Dr Andrew Williams, says, “Testicular cancer is one of the most treatable forms of cancer if detected early, with a survival rate of 95%, making checking for symptoms on a monthly basis an important habit”.

Trouble is, fondling your balls for medical reasons is the kind thing that makes young guys’ nuts shrink up into their stomachs.

Peter Dickens, the CEO of Testicular Cancer NZ is excited about the benefits that will result from the Fondle Filter. “April is Testicular Cancer Awareness month, so what better time to get young guys into the habit of regularly checking their balls. The Fondle Filter enables us to make feeling for lumps or any changes less scary. Fun even. Fondle this, then fondle your own. And if you feel something, notice any changes in the size or shape, go and see a health professional immediately.”

Brigid Alkema, CCO Clemenger BBDO: “We’ve had a lot of fun making this. Every WIP has had us making very strange hand gestures fondling the air. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of this over the next month.”

Testicular cancer occurs mostly in younger men and it can cast a long shadow over the lives of those affected. Early detection often leads to a complete cure, but treating the disease too late can have major impacts, particularly on fertility. As it occurs in younger men, it can progress quickly and sadly, the disease can prove fatal.

Users can also make a donation and learn more after playing the Fondle Filter that will help provide vital services to kiwi men affected by testicular cancer. Funds raised will help Testicular Cancer NZ to operate a registered nurse-led Information Service that patients and their families can call toll-free from anywhere in the country. The charity also provides a free Counselling Service, providing sessions from registered practitioners for those experiencing emotional distress after their diagnosis. The donations will also help them provide welfare grants for those experiencing financial distress and to provide resources and information to men and their families.

Scan the Snapcode (above) to play with the Fondle Filter or donate at https://fundraise.prostate.org.nz/fundraisers/fondlefilter/fondle-filter

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