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Welfare Grants Fund

We understand that a diagnosis of prostate or testicular cancer can place a considerable financial burden on not just the person diagnosed but also their families, including loss of income and additional costs associated with the consequences of treatment. To assist patients and their families who are experiencing hardship related to their treatment for prostate or testicular cancer, we provide assistance through our Welfare Grants Fund. 

Applications can be made online via the link below. Alternatively download and use the printable Application Form (see link below). Please also see this same form for the full Terms & Conditions, and the Privacy Policy linked in the footer. Copies of this document are also available on request from the National Office – phone 0800 477 678. Welfare Grants Fund Application Form (PDF)

The Welfare Grants Fund is supported by the Dry July NZ Trust.

Welfare Grant Application Form

Please complete all the details below, in full. If you are completing this form on behalf of someone that has been diagnosed with prostate or testicular cancer please complete the Applicant Details fields. If you are the Applicant, please forward to the Grant Beneficiary Details Section.

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